1. Providing nursing service in hospitals and at home

2. Providing psychological support to those in need

3. Providing transportation of patients and clients while providing basic care during such transportation.

4. Linking patients and clients to specialized health workers relevant to their health needs.

5. To participate in any other activity that promotes the health of the community as they view it themselves.

To meet its objectives, Bed-Side Services limited packaged several products/Services.

Patients in hospitals are cared for 24 hours by specialized nurses depending on type of ailment.

The package here includes:

(i) A nurse at the patients bedside to handle the patient not only as directed by the doctor but also as a professional taking into account the patient condition and needs.

(ii) Counseling or psychological support to the patient

(iii) Provision of clean disinfected linens to the patient and ensure its constant changing as and when required.

(iv) Provision of correct and recommended diet to patients to facilitate quick recovery.

(v) Provision of laundry services to the patients.

(vi) Aiding patient to obtain prescribed drugs that are not in stock.

(i) Provision of professional postnatal services

(ii) Professional helping and supporting (physical) of discharged persons to sit up, stand, walk etc.

(iii) Accompanying patients to hospital and reminding them of medication.

(iv) Ensuring that the patient gets the recommended diet to facilitate quick recovery.

(v) Provision of psychological support to patients through counseling.

While Bed-Side Services boast of qualified nursing staff to provide these services, we recognize our limitations and advise our clients under such circumstances.

(i) We transport patients to hospitals while providing nursing care and first aid treatment.

(ii) Repatriation of patients upon discharge to their respective homes.

(iii) In case of death, we can preserve the body, put up some announcements and transport it home.

When an emergency strikes the patient or their relative sometime get confused and need help to make certain decisions therefore telephone line services offers the following:-

(i) health decision helpline

(ii) Accident helpline

(iii) Crisis counseling help line

(iv) Connecting with specialized health worker help lines.

(i) Health education team

(ii) Crisis intervention team

(iii) Company health promotion.

(i) Managing stress among employers and employees

(ii) Specialized counseling to patients and their relatives

(iii) Crisis counseling

(iv) General counseling to couples and youths

(v) Managing youth life by engaging them in useful activities like guided tours, educational films, games and sporting activities.

(i) Aiding them with their bathing, dressing, haircuts and hygiene and escorting them for prayers, walk them inside and outside.

(ii) Provision of comforting company to the elderly

(iii) Feeding and companionship

(iv) Taking them to hospital and reminding them of medication

(v) Provision of decent accommodation (as we grow and expand our service).