Bed-Side Service Limited is not a medical institution. It operates within existing health facilities by providing health support services through qualified nurses, counseling experts and physiotherapists.

In-patients are attended to in hospitals/ clinics of their choice. However, the organization can advise on request by the patient- to- patient’s relative. For those people, however, who have no particular attachment, the organization intends to use Mulago most of the time since it is the National referral Hospital.

Counseling is done either in our offices, outside office, people’s homes or on-line depending on urgency.

The elderly are attended to either in their homes or our home (our homes are however yet to beset up).

Psychiatric nurses are provided either in hospital or at people’s homes.


Human Resources

Bed-Side Services Limited has an ORGANSIATIONA STRUCTURE to run its activities as outlined below;

(a) Board of Directors

This is the overall governing body with a duty to review the operations and directions of the organization.

(b) Managing Director

The Managing Director is under the Board of Directors and is charged with management, control and day – to day running of the organization.

The Managing Director will therefore be in charge of Administration and Finance.

Below the Managing Director are two departments- the care department and the department of support services.

The CARE DEPARTMENT is the line department with the following sections:-

a) Hospital Care
b) Home Care
c) Elderly Care
d) Counseling
e) Telephone Service Consultancy.


Under this department are the following sections:-

a) Catering
b) Cleaning
c) Transport
d) Marketing/public Relation

The manpower in this case therefore stands as;

01. Managing Director.
02. heads of Department
03. Specialized Counselors.
04. Section heads
05. Nurses/careers
06. Cooks
07. Drivers
08. Cleaners
09. Cashier/Secretary

N.B: The nurses are recruited and put in a pool and are on call working 24 hours or 12 hours.