1. Improved productivity

a) As we take care of the patients and the elderly, the patients’ guardian can now fully concentrate and be fully utilized at his/ her place of work.

b) As somebody is assured of quality care for his patient or elderly, one has peace of mind hence less stress which will result in improved productivity.

c) As professionals take up the care of patients and the elderly, a big workforce of would–be attendants would be released into the market to do productive work.

d) Under professional care, clean environment, good feeding, psychological support, patients recover faster and soon go back to their duties.

2. Improved heath Status

a) When trained nurses take care of the patients quick recovery is assured.

b) As nurses take care of patients in the ward the congestion by the would-be attendants will reduce and so will be risk of the spread of infections.

c) As our health education team and crisis reaction team go out to the people to educate them and hand situations, many people will be able to live healthier lives.

d) People with special health needs will be linked to specialized health workers.

3. Provision of employment

One of the big problems facing Uganda today is unemployment Bed-Side Services limited will be able to provide employment to;

a) Administrators

b) Nurses

c) Markteers

d) Driver and other categories of people

4. Better society and continuity of culture

a) If youth are well guided and occupied to avoid the immoral activities in which they tend to engage, they will grow up as upright citizens.

b) Good care to our elderly will ensure that they live longer and will be able to guide the youths and teach them about our culture.