Bed-Side Service Limited was established and designed to provide well- trained and caring personnel to cater for all patient’s needs plus those of the elderly / special categories.

The task of caring for the sick is a very toughly challenging and very often an unpleasant task. Unfortunately it is also a thankless task and therefore the provider as well as the recipient of the care may end up dissatisfied and demoralized.

The results of this kind of arrangement are not always satisfactory but there may be no alternative. If one has to work all day and has no one to take care of his/her patient during the day, to avoid locking them up in the house all day or to beg the neighbor to oversee this patient for them , the alternative is to take them nearer to the burial grounds, thereby giving them up for death.

Sometimes patients are left at the mercy of houses girls who may do everything up side down and therefore may make a bad situation worse. The drugs may not be administered on time, doses may be exceeded or not given adequately, hygiene and timely feeding of the patient may also not be done properly and at the end of the day, the condition of the patient deteriorates and eventually they die in an undignified manner! This list of problems arising out of improper care services is endless and it was with this kind of problems in mind that the idea of setting up this very important service was convinced.


To be leading and most professional health care taking company that comes with insightful and relevant solutions to client tasks.

With our guiding principles of quality, integrity and efficiency we already have the edge and on our way to the number one position.


To integrate a deep understanding of our clients with modern and most professional health care taking techniques.